Cherry Grove Vineyard

Since 1999

Cherry Grove vineyard offers 18 acres of high quality Pinot Noir, Gamay Noir and Riesling wine grapes within an 85 acre family farm on steep hillsides overlooking the Patton Valley and Tualatin river. Since its founding in 1999 we have partnered with a small group of talented boutique winemakers farming each block to their exact specifications to provide distinctive wines expressing the unique characteristics of the soil and the site.

Meet the Owners

Bob grew up working summers and weekends on farms owned by his grandfather and his grandfather’s siblings in the Amish areas of Ohio and Pennsylvania. Except for three years service in the US Army, Bob Irene and Mary have always lived and worked on farms.

Even when Bob’s career in high performance computer design took them to such apparently un-farm friendly locations as Los Angeles, Boston, and Austin, they owned and operated farms: Citrus orchards in California, Apple orchards in Massachusetts, and Arabian horse farms in South Carolina and Texas.

Vineyard Management

Terra Nova, a small family owned company with a skilled dedicated in house crew, has managed Cherry Grove Vineyard since their founding.

Jairo Torres, who owns and manages Terra Nova, worked his way up through the ranks personally performing and becoming expert at every vineyard task during 20 years at North West Vinticulture Services in the mid Willamette valley. He ultimately managed over 200 acres of client vineyards for them.

When he left to form his own company on good terms and with the blessing of his long time boss NWVS owner and founder Bob Bailey we were one of his first clients.

We work closely with Jairo to help him and his company succeed and to make it easy for him to do an excellent job for our clients.