Our Farming Philosophies are...

Focus our full energies on the vines, soil, farm and fruit.
Do not compete with our clients (by also making wine).
Give our winemaker clients full control over how their blocks are farmed.
Be data driven – decisions based on in depth analysis to ensure timely and correct action.
Ensure the winemaker’s preferences are followed in depth at every stage of the growing process.
Establish long term mutually beneficial relationships with a small number of top quality winemakers.
Strive to be “easy to do business with” in all aspects of vineyard operations.
Employ modern, efficient, effective equipment. 
Invest in high quality well trained and disciplined crews, who are respected as a critical part of the vineyard family and treated accordingly.

Terms and Conditions

All fruit is sold on a per block per year basis with all necessary services included.

Fruit Availability

Contact us for information on fruit availability - Typically blocks are booked up well in advance.

Phone: 503-860-8605

Email: info@CherryGroveVineyard.com