The Farm

The vineyard is an integral part of a larger 85 acre family farm. This provides control over not only the planted vineyard area itself, but over much of the surrounding areas which directly impact the vines.

The farm cultivates vegetable, flower and herb gardens; cherry, apple, plum and quince orchards; plus hazelnut and walnut trees. Pastures feed livestock, who in turn produce manure for compost to enrich the soil for the vines.

Bio Diversity

Over 20% of the farm is dedicated to restoring and maintaining indigenous plant, species and wildlife habitat. This requires continuous effort to prevent Himalayan blackberries. English ivy, Scotch Broom and other invasive species from overrunning the area. These ecology zones incorporate old oak habitat originally cleared and maintained by the valley native people and seasonal wetlands.

The ubiquitous Douglas firs populate the steep hillsides, protecting the farm on all sides and merging seamlessly into the coast range forest stretching to the pacific ocean.