Cherry Grove Ecosystem

Cherry Grove Vineyard, including the surrounding farm and native plant and wildlife areas is in turn an integral part of a much larger ecosystem including the Patton Valley to the south, the heavily wooded Coast Range to the north and west, and the Tualatin valley to the east. Our goal is to operate the vineyard in harmony with, and as an integral part of this larger ecosystem.

Native species are encouraged and protected throughout the vineyard and farm.

Transition areas with native oak, big leaf maple, and western red cedars border the cultivated areas, which in turn are protected on all sides by mature 50 year old Douglas firs.

Resident Wildlife

Many species in the area including insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds (hummingbirds, quail, doves, kestrels, hawks, wrens, grosbeak, bald eagles), and mammals make the farm their home.

It is also a summer home, or rest stop, to migratory swallows, ducks, geese and egrets.

Raccoon, possum, coyotes, bobcat, deer and elk visit regularly on their travels. Bear and cougar are periodically active in the area.