Area History

The Patton valley has an agricultural history dating back far before the arrival of settlers in the early 1800’s, thanks to the fertile soil, agreeable climate and plentiful water of the Tualatin river which runs the length of the valley.

In the age of water power and timber barons the village of Cherry Grove was a thriving sawmill town. Remains of the large stone and earth dam, destroyed by a flood in the early 1900’s, are still visible to hikers on the trail to Lee Falls.

The valley floor provides hay and oat fields for nearby dairies and horse farms, mixed with blueberry farms and hazelnut orchards. The North facing slopes are covered in mature Douglas firs, the eastern edge of an unbroken forest extending 50 miles through the Oregon Coast Range to the Pacific Ocean.

Cherry Grove early 1900’s

From Timber to Wine

Vineyards and wineries began appearing in the area in the 1970’s.

The vineyard site was a cherry orchard up until the 1950’s, and an oat field until the 1990s.

Cherry Grove Vineyard was actually named for a small grove of the last remaining 1950’s era cherry trees above block 1 at the top of the vineyard, but being close to a village of the same name is helpful in geographic location.