Vineyard Infrastructure

Plant Spacing

Individual vines are planted on 4.5’ spacing in 7.5’ wide rows in all pinot blocks (1-8).

This provides 1290 vines per acre, which is optimal for fruit production in the 2.0 to 3.0 tons per acre (tpa) range, but can be extended in some blocks to 4 tpa.

It also facilitates use of low impact conventional farm equipment.

The older block 9 vines are on 5’ spacing in 10’ wide rows.

Trellis and Fencing

All pinot blocks have a VSP trellis system with 3 fixed and 2 movable catch wires.

Block 9 is also VSP trellis, with 2 fixed and 3 moveable catch wires.

Planted areas are protected with 9’ high wire fencing, placed so as to allow wildlife to follow their natural paths through the farm while protecting the vines themselves from deer, elk and bear damage.


All pinot blocks have individually programmable drip irrigation available if needed or desired.