Vineyard Certifications

The vineyard has been Low Input Vinticulture (LIVE), Salmon Safe, and IOBC-WPRS (International Organization for Biological and Integrated Control) Certified since 2010, and has been farmed according to LIVE guidelines since 2000. In addition, as of 2022 the vineyard has been certified Bee Friendly.

LIVE promotes environmentally friendly and socially responsible wine growing through a program of advanced ongoing education and requires extensive reporting and on site verification of conformance to their required and recommended practices.

Salmon Safe ensures protection of fragile wetlands, streams, ponds and lakes.

LIVE and IOBC emphasize the use of natural methods to reduce the amount of chemicals needed (such as mechanical weed hoeing instead of herbicides).

LIVE strives for a balanced ecosystem that harmoniously integrates the agriculture activities into the natural environment. This applies not just to the vineyard area itself but to the whole farm certifying all land within the owner’s control, including non-farmed land and land used for other crops.

A significant portion of the farm (over 20%) is kept in a natural state.

We use no toxic chemicals ever, and when chemicals are necessary we use primarily natural oils and minerals, which affect only the target pest organism and are harmless to the surrounding environment .

We have in fact been Bee Friendly for many years, as evidenced by our on site Honey Bee and Mason Bee Hives. As of 2022 we are officially certified as a Bee Friendly Farming operation by the Pollinator Partnership, which recognizes farmers who protect, preserve and promote pollinator health.